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קצת עלינו - סטודיו 180 - כשרעיונות יצירתיים הופכים למקומות מרגשים

Studio 180 specializes in the planning, interior design, and execution of retail businesses in Israel and abroad. At the studio, we create imaginative concepts to aid corporations and brands in reaching their goals. During the past 10 years we have designed and planned various projects in the retail and hospitality field: stores, coffee shops, restaurants, fitness facilities, offices, and more. A solid collaboration with our clients creates projects that are iconic, memorable, and accessible.


We are Alona and Eyal. Graduates of the  college of management

When we graduated 10 years ago we became partners in life as well as in business. Our first project was the planning and interior design of a shoe store, and from that point on we could not be stopped. The formulation and fruition of each project; the satisfaction reaped from seeing a business we designed translate from a plan to an ebullient place filled with customers—is absolutely addicting. For us, the interaction with a new client and addressing the business along with its unique needs is a world unto itself. The challenge brought on by each project is our driving force, and pushes us to broaden our scope. This field allows us to continually learn, grow, and develop. That is what makes ours one of the most varied and interesting professions.


Our methodology is specialized for the unique needs of each business through research, familiarity, characterization, and a deep knowledge gained from working in the ‘field’. We are focused on producing a distinct experience which results in customers becoming regulars. What defines our approach is the inclusive scope we individualize for each client. This parallels the work of a tailor; just as a tailor would fit a suit to a client’s measurements, so do we at Studio 180, fit the plan and design to the measurements and budget of every business.

Market Research

The methodology combines elements we draw from in order to plan and design.

* Local market analysis

* Brand development

* Creating a modern concept which integrates the brand’s values into the space

* Telling the ‘story’ of the business

Then we translate the information into lighting fixtures, carpentry, fixture wraps, covers, flooring, storage solutions, display solutions, and more. We believe that details (big and small) are important in this process and it is the details, in the end, that form the finished whole. It is due to those details that we excel in building successful businesses.

How Do We Make Our Clients Standout Amongst Their Competition?

Thinking in ‘180 degrees’ means looking at everything in a different way; it means an inclusive, extensive, and creative thought process which institutes design solutions in an innovative method. We love, live and breathe design. Our inspiration springs from a variety of sources, from food to fashion. It is with this passion that we create and design retail and service-centered businesses. It’s not just about making your location look good. We believe that every business has a ‘propelling system’ that allows it to function smoothly– whether it is an existing or new brand, single store, franchise, office, restaurant, or coffee shop. The Studio 180 team will take you from the place your business is now, to the place you want it to be! We welcome clients who have the desire to be extraordinary in their respective fields, because we have the ability to engineer inventive breakthroughs for their business.

We know that this approach takes courage; we are here to turn your vision into reality!


  •  The professional experience and proven track record in designing a variety of spaces
  •  The open, productive dialogue encouraged with our clients
  •  The ability to work successfully within a defined budget
  •  The precision throughout the entire process—understanding the needs and building a unique concept for each project
  •  The ability to deliver within deadlines

Business and Marketing Design

We understand that in an industry as competitive as ours there are no shortcuts, and every project must have 180% thought, vision, and provide results. You are invited to review our portfolio to fully gage the variety and extent of our work. A design language and strategy is built anew for every client—one that is specifically aimed at the target audience outlined in your business plan.

Return on Investment

This subject is not taboo. Even though we have the privilege of focusing on color, inspiration, scent, and textures we also have a very real and clear goal. That goal is a design that will move your customers to open their wallets repeatedly; a design that will transform ‘transient tourists’ to regulars. In other words, we design to sell.


At Studio 180 we have the vision and skills to find the individual customer experience that defines your business and elevate it to a new level of enjoyment, consumption, and connection with your brand.

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